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About Us



Highworth Amateur Swimming Club was formed shortly after Highworth Pool opened in 1968. Over the years the fortunes of the club have been very up and down.

At our peak during the 1980s the club was very successful, competing withTigersharks, Dolphins and Wrougton with swimmers achieving county times.

The 90s saw the club going into a decline, largely due to a lack of suitable winter pool availability and the club withdrew from competitive swimming.We did teach at the Dorcan Pool during this time, but the time slot available made it impossible for the club to develop and grow and it was becoming more difficult each year to keep the club going and there was a real risk that the club would close.

The new “pool for all seasons” in Highworth which opened in 2008 means that parents no longer need to travel into Swindon to bring their children swimming. The deck level pool is perfect for teaching and the walk in steps are ideal for our level 1 swimmers who are understandably nervous entering the pool by the standard ladder steps. Since returning to Highworth we have enrolled children of all abilities and already we are getting parents wanting to get involved with helping on the poolside. We try to incorporate some fun into our programmes and the childrenhave really enjoyed using the diving boards. It is especially pleasing to see youngsters back training on lengths and we hope that within the next 12 months we will be able to enter local galas – we have already started joining open meets. Our aim is that within 3 years we will have a successful gala squad and that we will again become a force to reckon with.

In the past we have also offered training to adults and this can be reviewed again depending on interest.

The club coaches and committee are entirely staffed by volunteers. We offer funding of training to become a swimming instructor in return for volunteering with us. We are lucky to have longstanding coaches and committee members as well as new recruits and this helps to keep the club operating smoothly for the children.

We welcome interest from children and families, as well as members of the community interested in volunteering for us. Please spread the word.



Our coaching team

Head Coach - Noel MacKenzie


Elaine Lloyd
Jez Mundy
Sam McGarrell
John Cornado
Hannah Sarson
Cheryl Pottinger
Gemma Orankan
Emma Barnett
Sarah Lloyd
Lizzie Wayne
Sheireen Gretton

Club Documents

HASC Constitution Pdf

HASC Equity Policy Pdf

Code of Conduct for parents Pdf

Code of Conduct for Swimmers from all disiplines Pdf

Swimming Club Safeguarding Pdf


President - Erica McReedy
Chairman - Peter Hall Temp
Vice Chair - Sheireen Gretton 
Secretary - Susan Rosato
Treasurer - Linda Lee
Head Coach - Noel MacKenzie
Memberships - Sheireen Temp

Welfare Officer -
E-mail :-

Committee - 

Gemma Orankan
Emily Morter

Social - Nicola Pike

Join In

Interested in learning to swim or to improve your technique.
Contact our Membership Secretary for more details
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to hearing from you soon


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